Admin Panel Features

Platform Settings

The admin area can control everything from precessing fee setting, to number of order and ratings to attain differenct seller levels, site name, logo, referral settings, coupon settings, payment settings, featured proposal fees & duration and so much more

Proposal Approval

Admin can approve or decline proposals. When a proposal is posted by a seller, it comes to the admin panel first for approval. However, user can still preview the proposal live, but the proposal is not yet live to other users until approved by admin. Admin can either approve, preview or submit proposal for modification.

Read All Messages

All messages between seller and buyer appears in the admin panel as well. Admin can go through messages to see if users are following the rules and regulations of the site.

Review Sytem

Admins can insert reviews for any proposal delivered. Admins can also delete reveiws from the backend. This comes in handy where there is a dispute. Admin can issue refunds and cancel orders.

Request Approval

When a user posts a buyer request, it comes first to the admin panel. Here, the admin either chooses to accept the request or decline it.

Create Categories

Admin can create, delete and edit categories and their sub-categories right from the admin panel.

Delivery Times

Admin has the power to setup (create, edit & delete) delivery times. That is the times available for sellers to deliver. It could be 1day, 7day or 14 days. However, with a custom order, seller decides whatever delivery time.

Language & Skills

Admin can setup (create, edit & delete) the languages and skills used on the platform.

Customer Support

We built a powerful support system on this platform. Users can send support tickets, and admins can try to solve it. Once a ticket is solved, admin updates that ticket to closed. This is a huge module to help admin provide amazing customer support to users.

Coupon Setup

Admins can create coupons for any proposal. When creating a coupon, admin has to fill in the coupon's: title, price, code, limit and duration. Admin can also edit and delete coupons.

Create Sliders

Admins can setup (create, edit & delete) the sliders on the homepage. We added this feature so that during holidays like memorial day, valentines day etc admin can post a slider with a message and maybe even a coupon.

Terms & Conditions

Admin can setup (create, edit & delete) terms, conditions etc. this items will show in the term & conditions page.

View All Users

Admin can view all users in the system. They can keep track of them. They also have the option to block and unblock users. This comes in handy when users are acting shady.

Login As users

Admins can login as any user on the platform. This comes in handy when an admin wants to check out a user's account maybe because of a dispute or when user request admin to help setup something in his or her dashbaord.

View Orders

Admins can see all the orders made through the system. Admins also have the options to view the order details or cancel the orders

Approve Referrals

Admins can approve or decline referral links. When a user shares his or her referral link and a new user uses it and signs up, if admin approves it, whatever fee admin set for that in the general settings, that amount will be added to that user's shopping balance wallet.

See All Files

Admins has a record of all files that are uploaded into the system by users. That is, files uploaded in message area, order page area and proposal files.

Knowledge Bank

Admins can setup (create, edit & delete) articles. This articles are available in the knowledge bank page where users can search through it for answers. The knowledge bank page has a strong search functionality.

Create other Admins

Admins can create other admins to help control some of the workload.

Layout Settings

This setting lets admin control the content on the offline marketing page. Most features on the platform are controlled in the backend.

Admin Logs

With this feature, other admins can keep track of what their colleagues are doing. Useful feature especially when someone messes up.

System Updater

With this, you (our amazing customer/ potential customer) can easily update your script with just 2 clicks. This is how easy we've made it for you.

Other Features

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