Marketing Website Features

User Login/SignUp

People can register/login for accounts. The process is simple and straight-forward.

Enter via Social Media

With this script, you can also sign up and/or login with either facebook or google. This makes the process easy, secured and less stressful.

Search Mechanism

Right from the front page marketing website, people can search for whatever service they are looking to hire.

Featured Categories

The Front page marketing website contains featured categories that are set right from the admin panel.

Brag Points Section

The Front page marketing website contains a section with "brag-points". This section is also set from admin panel. This section contains core reasons on why a potential user should use the platform.

Featured Gigs

Below the brag-points are top featured proposals. Users can have their proposals featured for a certain period of time. The admin can decide if they pay a featured fee for that or not.

Knowledge Bank

The website has a knowledge bank that help inform users. The articles/answers in the knowledge banks are added by the admin in the admin panel.

Responsive Design

The design is clean, modern and very responsive on different screen sizes. The design works perfectly on different browsers as well.

Proposal Pages

Offline users can get on a users proposal pages. These pages contain the proposal pictures and/or videos, ratings, seller infos, order now button, orders in queue, seller's country, seller's most recent delivery and other proposals offered by that seller.

User Profile Pages

Offline users can also access users profile pages. This profile page contains info such as country, seller/user level, date joined, seller's most recent delivery, seller/user skills and languages and finally all user/seller proposals with buyer reviews at the bottom.

Orders in Queue

In the proposal pages, there is a feature there that shows how many orders are in queue for that proposal. This is to help a user/buyer in the final decision of whether or not he or she will go with that seller.

Help Center

We created a help center at ( to help owners of our scripts out. Users can create tickets and our staff will reply to them ASAP. It also contains a knowledge bank for most frequently asked questions.

Other Features

Checkout features for our Main website (Logged in pages) or admin panel.

Main Site Features

Admin features

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