Update Log


Date: 09/01/2019 (Version 1.4.2) - Bug fixes & Improvements

  1. Bug fix - Proposal tags in foreign characters now open in URL without breaking the page
  2. Bug fix - Admin image error fixed
  3. Bug fix - Proposal price and coupon issue fixed
  4. Bug fix - Messaging scrolling up issue fixed
  5. proposal_files added
  6. Bug fix - Seller purchasing their own proposals bug through favorites on mobile phone fixed
  7. Improvement - Down arrows added on FAQ under proposal.php page added. Makes it more obvious not that they are FAQs
  8. Improvement - Once user changes email, user is prompted to activate email again, otherwise user will be limited on website.
  9. Bug fix - Report Proposal, Report Messages, Report order bug fixed. It now works perfectly.
  10. Improvement - When there is no request, sellers will not see request table below at all
  11. Bug fix - Alerts bug fixed. Now shows alerts only when user sends blacklisted words.
  12. Bug fix - bottom page numbering bug in admin panel fixed
  13. Bug fix - Reset password for admin fixed. Works now.
  14. Bug fix - Delete button in alert's page in admin now works.
  15. Bug fix - Customer support ticket which shows only "Report A bug" for Enquiry type now fixed.
  16. Improvement - Htacess file now force redirects http to https
  17. Improvement - Freelance page improved. Now 5 freelancers per page
  18. Improvement - When editing proposal and reach last screen (Gallery) and click "Save & Continue" a new button will appear called "Preview Proposal"
  19. Security improvements and performance improvements
  1. Processing fee is now fixed or by percentage. Initially it was just fixed

Date: 08/28/2019 (Version 1.4/1.4.1)

  1. - Sellers and buyers are now distinguished on the platform. Buyers/users have few options
  2. - Sellers are able to create their own coupon codes for their proposals. This will help them in their marketing efforts.
  3. - Create-Proposal is completely redesigned. It now has a very beautiful UI and features. We also added the “Make Proposal Featured” at the end of the create proposal process. This provides an extra avenue for admin to make revenue.
  4. - Tags are now clickable. Clicking a tag will lead to a page with proposals related to that tag.
  5. - Search improved! users are now able to search for tags, proposal titles, and users.
  6. - When typing out text on search, related items in database will now auto-populate a drop-down list.
  7. - Now featured proposals will always be at the top of the pages or searches. This itself will encourage more sellers to feature their proposals
  8. - Added a page that will display all freelancers on the platform, in a stylish way.
  9. - Blacklist system Added. Admin can now add items in the black list database.
  10. - When users type out any of the items in blacklist database, admin will get an alert once that message is sent. Users will get warning messages when they type out any item that is on the blacklist. If they proceed to sending the message with that blacklisted item, admin will get an alert.
  11. - A tab for alerts has been added on admin panel. This will show all alerts
  12. - Admin is able to manually add or reduce users’ shopping balance
  13. - A whole accounting system has been implemented where admins can see all revenues, expenses, profits (Gross & Net), amount in shopping balance, total sales etc and they can filter through this as well.
  14. - Manual payouts system added. Admin now has the option to manually handle payouts. Admin can set payout dates based on user’s level, and they can manually proceed with these payouts after being requested by seller.
  15. - Payoneer has been added for payouts. Only for manual payouts.
  16. - Paystack has been added for payouts and automatic payments and withdrawals.
  17. - Website now supports RTL
  18. - Limitations for unapproved emails has been implemented. When users’ sign up and do not activate their accounts through their emails, they have some limitations on the site
  19. - Enable or disable www has been implemented
  20. - Admins can manually make proposals appear in “Top Rated Proposal” section on home feed.
  21. - Feature Proposal Request While Creating A Proposal (Optional Feature)
  22. - More bugs fixed, and security improved
  23. Date: 05/17/2019 (Version 1.3)

    1. - Proposal boxes redesigned. Now the proposal boxes have a better design
    2. - Extras system added. Sellers can add extras to their proposals
    3. - Inbox Messages redesigned. A much better inbox system implemented
    4. - Real-TIme notification on bottom left. Each time you receive a message, order etc you will see a notification pop-up on bottom right
    5. - Real-Time notification sound added. You can choose to turn this on or off.
    6. - Withdrawal log added in admin panel
    7. - "Add Proposal" box added in my profile page.
    8. - Facebook and Google APIs updated
    9. - Proposal category cards added on index page (Signed out)

    Date: 01/06/2019 (Version 1.2)

    1. - Language translation added. Now admins can manually translate the site and have their users navigate through different languages.
    2. - Crop functionality. This is to help resize images so the system takes just the desired size
    3. - Payza integration implemented
    4. - Bitcoin Payment method integrated
    5. - Currency change. Now admins can change the money currency to whatever currency they want

    Date: 9/15/2018 (Version 1.1)

    1. - When admin requests for modification for a proposal posted, user will receive a notification on website and email
    2. - New Payment Method added** Dusu Payment (Supports payment with African countries and more) For more info: "https://dusupay.com/"
    3. - There is an option for admin to either choose to manually approve a new proposal or system to auto approve new proposals (Manually approve proposals/services {Yes or No})
    4. - Created an SMTP for mails. Helps to authenticate emails so email providers don’t flag as spam.
    5. - Admin now has the option to either decide if confirmation emails should be sent or not. (Send confirmation emailNY after sign-up {Yes or No})
    6. - Admin can now manually feature proposals and choose the duration. Also a tab to show all featured proposals has been added
    7. - In creating a proposals, when users fill in info and adds images, if the images are wrong or the wrong sizes, all filled out data disappears. We’ve created sessions to store info so if image size is wrong, user only needs to upload correct size of image.
    8. - Fiverr has an item called “Report this” under gigs, messages, orders etc.We added this to the GigToDo Script. This comes into the admin panel. When choosing vacation mode, user will be able to choose reason why (just like fiverr)
    9. - Users now receive emails when a dispute is closed When a user’s proposal has been approved or declined, user receives a notification on website and an email
      1. 1) Your proposal/service has been successfully approved. Thanks for posting. (Notification & email)
      2. 2) Your proposal/service has been declined. Please submit a valid proposal. If you have any questions, please email us at [$email] (Notification & email)
    10. - Cookies message has been added.
    11. - Explanation feature added in Post a Request page
    12. Major bugs have been fixed

    Date: 08/24/2018 (version 1.0.1)

    1. - Application Updater: With this, users can easily update this script from the admin panel.
    2. - Package System Added: Users can split proposals into 3 packages (Basic, Standard and advanced) with this, they can set different prices and attributes for the different packages.
    3. More Features Added to General Settings (Admin Panel): Added the following:
    4. - Favicon upload
    5. - Edit landing page’s cover photo and text
    6. - Switch logo back and forth from text logo to image logo
    7. - Option to enable or disable email notification when a new proposal is published
    8. - Add Recaptcha api
    9. - Promote Seller Proposals: With this, users can promote seller proposals. This is achieved by generating a unique link that can be shared on any social media page. When another user uses this link to purchase that seller’s proposal, user (who initially shared the link) gets paid a predetermined commission amount (by proposal seller) after approval by admin.
    10. - Admin Logs: This shows the activities carried out by the admins. This will act as an informing tool for other admins
    11. - Cover Photo: Now users can change/edit their cover photos on their profile pages.
    12. - Email Notification When Proposal is Published: When a user publishes a proposal, admin gets notified. Admin can disable this feature in the admin panel.
    13. - How It Works Page Added: This page describes how the site works.
    14. - History: With this, users can see old items purchased or sold with a particular user.
    15. - More Bugs Fixed


    1. 1) Video Plugin (couple months): With this, users can do video sessions with their customers. System will allow sellers to set the price for minutes/hours for video sessions, and seller will have the option to extend the time if the seller is not complete with buyer yet. This will automatically charge the buyer. Buyer will be notified before this.
    2. - This feature is good for tutors, lawyers etc
    3. Neither fiverr, peopleperhour or freelancer etc has this feature.
    4. 2) Wordpress Version: We are working on a wordpress version. As of now, we don’t have a release date. We will keep you updates.
    5. 3. Mobile Apps: Mobile apps for this script are also in the works. Again, as of now we don’t have a precise release date. Stay tuned for updates on this.