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PayPal Integration

Users can pay for proposals with PayPal. With this, users who already have PayPal accounts can easily just login and pay, otherwise they can pay with their credit cards.

Stripe Integration

Users can pay for proposals with stripe. With this, users can securely pay with their credit cards.

Use Diff. Currencies

Thanks to PayPal and Stripe, users can choose between almost every currency. So users can buy from pretty much any country.

Responsive Design

The design for this is very responsive on different screen sizes and looks good on different browsers. In this way, the project can easily be converted into a web-view mobile app for both IOS and Android.

Notification System

Platform comes with a powerful, realtime notification system. This notification system updates the user with cancelled orders, booked orders, completed orders, declined orders etc. The number on the icon updates in realtime without the need to refresh the page.

Messaging System

The message system is very powerful. We used ajax to make the messaging system real-time and rocket speed fast. When a message comes in, the message icon updates its number without you needing to refresh the page.

Favorite System

The favorite system works in realtime. The heart icon in the header updates its number in realtime, immediately when you click on the heart icon on any proposal. This number updates without you refreshing your page. All proposals in the favorite page can be sent to the cart page.

Cart Module

This lets you load your favorite proposals into the cart and purchase them right away. The cart page accepts stripe, paypal and your personal shopping balance to purchase a proposal.

Social Media Share

Users can share their proposal pages and favorite proposals to social media sites like: Facebook, Twitter, Email, Pinterest and google plus.

User Dashbaord

Dashboard contains info pertaining to the user such as, completed orders, dilivered orders, cancelled orders, sales, purchases, balance and earnings. It also contains all messages and notifications. Also, on the sidebar it contains user's contacts (sellers and buyers) and a start selling module

Buy It Again

This is to allow users to conveniently buy proposals that they have previously purchased. This is located in the homepage's sidebar.

Recently Viewed

This displays proposals that a user has already viewed. In this way, should a user decide to order a proposal he or she recently viewed, this feature is conveniently located in the homepage's sidebar and will make the ordering process easy.

Post a Request

If users/buyers don't find the exact services they are looking for on the platform, they can post a request. This means that they can write up their requirements in the "Post a Request" form, and sellers tagged with the same category will send their pitches to do that request..

Order Tracking

Users can see all their orders; that is, those that are delivered, pending, cancelled and completed. They can also view order sales. That is; orders from buyers. They can also track those orders that they've delivered, cancelled, pending or completed and so much more

Proposal System

Users/sellers have an amazing proposal system. Here, the can track active proposals, paused proosalss, proposals pending approval from admin, and proposals that require modification. Users also have a nice form where they can fill in their proposal info.

Vacation Mode

Users can turn on or turn off vacation mode right from the proposal's page. Once a user has vacation mode turned on, other users will not be able to purchase any proposals from that user or even send messages, until that user turns vacation mode back to off

Buyer Requests

Users/sellers have a section where they can check for buyer requests. If there are any requests that are of the same category as the user's other proposals, then this user will see the buyer request. Users/sellers can send offers/pitches to the buyer's request right from the buyer request page.

Offer Limit

Each user/seller is limited to sending 10 offers a day for buyer requests. For example, say there are 12 buyer requests, every user/seller that can see those buyer request can send only 10 offers per 24hours. An offer is essentially pitching to do the task. This offers refil after 24 hours.

Shopping Balance

This platform comes with a digital wallet whereby users can add money into it. The money in this wallet is known as shopping balance. When sellers get paid, or when buyers receive refunds, this money saves in the shopping balance. This funds can be transferred to PayPal.

Revenue Module

Users can track their revenue. In the revenue page, users can see their available incomes, withdrawals, incoming revenue, revenue pending clearance etc. In this page, users can also transfer revenue funds from their shopping balance wallet to their paypal accounts.

Transfer To PayPal

Funds in a user's shopping balance wallet can be transferred to PayPal. Users will have to set up their paypal info in the settings page.

Purchases Module

In this page, users can track all their purchases made. This page also has links to those purchases.

Manage Requests

In this page, users can manage all the buyer requests they have made. So if they posted a service for a seller to send an offer/pitch to do the it, they will manage all of that in this page. This page includes: Active, paused, pending and unapproved requests.

Buyer & Seller Contacts.

In this script, users can see their buyers and sellers in the contacts page. Each time a user purchases a proposal from a seller, or another user buys this user's proposal that buyer or seller will save in the contact list.

History With Users

Users are able to go to their contact list and click on "History." The history page contains all the purchased proposals or proposals sold between the two users concerned; so essentially entire hitory between both users.

Referral System

We built in an amazing referral system. The way this work is, admin sets an amount in the back-end for referral payments, this amount gets added to a (upon approval by admin) user shopping balance after that user has reffered someone to the system.

Coupon Code Sys.

We also built in a coupon code system that allows admin to handout coupon codes for any proposal. This coupon code can either cut a percentage amount or a fixed amount from the main price. Coupon codes have a life-span and number of allowed uses which is set by the admin.

Video Upload

By default, users of the platform can upload videos into the platform and this videos will use the basic html player (which is free). Otherwise, if the admin gets a subscription from jwplayer, the jwplayer will be the main video player. This setup is done in admin panel.

Ratings System

Users and sellers can rate each other. In this way, other users are more informed on the quality of user's content.

Seller Levels

All users especially sellers are ranked in levels based on the number of good ratings, order deliveries and reputation on the platform. These levels range from New seller, level one seller, level two seller & top rated seller. The configuration for this setup is done in the admin panel.

Item Security

Platform was built using every trick in the books to keep it very secured and up-to-date. We also used items like google reCAPTCHA to help with the security. Our future updates will also include updating and improving the security of the script.

Resolution Center

With this, buyers and sellers can dispute over disagreement. The dispute module is found in the proposal order page. When a dispute is submitted by either buyer or seller, admin goes through it and tries to find some kind of solution. Admin has the ultimate power to cancel orders and process refunds.

Typing Status

In the message area, when another user is typing, the user chatting with that user sees a text that says "[user's name] typing ... " this is to inform users when others are typing. With the help of ajax, this feature works in realtime.

Online Status

In proposal pages, message's page, and order page the user's online status is displayed. This is either "[User's name is online] or [user's name is offline]" This lets users know exactly when another user is online.

Orders in Queue

In the proposal pages, there is a feature there that shows how many orders are in queue for that proposal. This is to help a user/buyer in the final decision of whether or not he or she will go with that seller.

Promote Proposals

Buyers can help promote seller proposals. Sellers can set a commision for any user that promotes his or her proposal. If this is done, a unique link will be created, once user shares this unique link and other users purcahse through that link, buyer will get the comission.

View Count

Our system has a feature that informs sellers on how many people viewed their proposals. This can help them in their marketing efforts.

Cron Job

Every seller can send up to 10 proposal pitches per day (24 hours) to buyers that posted requests for a service they are looking for. This renews every 24 hours.

Other Features

Checkout features for our Marketing homepage (offline pages) or admin panel.

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